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Prison Industrial Complex - Modern Slavery

The Prison Industrial Complex operated in the United States of America has been described by many as an improvised or modernized slave labor system. Other quarters actually describe the prison industrial complex as a modern slavery technique as not only are prisoners subjected to dehumanizing conditions, they are also made to do jobs that are out of this world. It has been a gradual process from the days of the infamous plantations to the era of penitentiary and most recent prison reform that gave birth to the prison industrial complex.
Even with the population of the United States being just 5% of the world population, the country apparently has 25% of the world’s prisoners and this underlines the shout against mass imprisonment of people especially with the trend tilting towards the black population. It is no wonder the hashtag #EndMassIncarceration seems to be on the rise on the different social media networks. People online have been using the social sites like to hav…

Hire a Private Investigator in London, Birmingham & Manchester

There are many reasons nowadays why someone might wish to hire private detective agency. This is an overview of a few of the more common, and not so common ones.
Matrimonial and Relationships
In the event of suspicions about a partner having an affair, a professional private investigator can offer discreet surveillance services. With the increase in internet dating websites many now choose to have their prospective partners screened, and the screening process can also be used at the pre-marital or pre-nuptial stage.
People Tracing
Whether it’s an old friend or a relative with whom someone has lost touch, or a debtor, a Private Investigator can succeed where others have failed. Many missing persons have been found by experienced private investigators using a wide variety of source material.
Many businesses make use of a private investigator. With corporate crime on the rise, this might be to do background checks on new clients or associates for evidence of an undisclosed conflict …

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale

Have you gotten yourself into trouble and don’t know where to turn? Do you need help explaining just how serious the issue can be? What you need to do is invest in some research about finding a criminal defense lawyer in Fort Lauderdale. The defense lawyer that you find and speak to will help you figure out the right path to travel on to put this issue behind you and move on.
There are some choices you have when trying to find the right defense lawyer to cover your case. You may choose a court appointed criminal defense lawyer in Fort Lauderdale or you can search for your own lawyer. You can check out websites or yellow pages for these lawyers or if you know someone that has a lawyer you may speak to them as well. Whatever option you choose, you will need a criminal defense lawyer. Fort Lauderdale has some of the best to choose from in the state of Florida.
Choosing this lawyer will help you know the seriousness of the situation and what type of consequences you could be facing. You wil…

What to Do When You Need a Person Injury Attorney in Miami?

Determining whether or not you have a case for personal injury will require the sage insight of an injury lawyer in Miami. If you believe you have been harmed in a way that was reckless or negligent, do not delay in making an appointment. If you are unsure about whether or not it’s worth making the call to an attorney for a consultation continue reading for some basic information to help you make your decision.
Personal injury occurs any time neglectful or reckless behavior has negatively has affected you in a manner that can be proven within the parameters of your respective state law or federal law.  The most common occurrences may include medical malpractice, vehicular accident, or a defective product. Medical malpractice cases include birth defects, such as Erb’s palsy, Cerebral palsy, hypoxia, and even injury to the mother. In other cases it may be a surgical complication, whether instruments have been left inside the body cavity or more dire complication. Even misused or incorrec…

What Does a Probate Lawyer in Miami Do?

At one point or another, we all hear about probate attorneys, but it's not something we ever think about until we're faced with the inevitable. What does a probate lawyer in Miami do anyway? What makes a probate attorney and when do you need one?
What is a Miami Probate Attorney?
Probate attorneys manage the filing of a deceased person's last testament or will, and they also handle estate planning. Because many disputes can arise from the disposition of property after someone passes, a probate lawyer will act as an estate or trust lawyer.
Unfortunately, most people don't even consider finding a probate lawyer in Miami until someone has died. This means there is usually a sense of urgency to hire an attorney and not much time spent shopping around for an experienced and qualified lawyer.
It's important to understand that probate law may be very simple or convoluted, time-consuming and confusing, and it all depends on how much estate planning the deceased did while they …

Why Consider Estate Planning in Miami?

Have you ever wondered if you should hire a Miami estate planning attorney at some point, or why estate planning is so important? Actually, estate planning is incredibly important if you want family and loved ones to inherit your property and assets without a time-consuming and expensive probate process, or huge taxes that take a large share of the estate. Unfortunately, too many people put off creating an estate plan because they believe there will always be time later.
This overview will explain a few of the most important benefits of working with an estate planning attorney in Miami.
1. Medical Power of Attorney While you may think of estate planning as something that's only important after you die, an estate planning attorney in Miami can help you create a medical power of attorney and living will, designating someone you trust to make important medical decisions and manage your affairs if you are incapacitated or seriously hurt by following your written guidelines.
2. Protect Ass…